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Finnish SaaS Companies listed

Company name

SaaS Product

Visualizer Engage & Sell is a Cloud based Sales Engagement tool, which provides much needed sales support for the MICE industry, replacing or incorporating much of the traditional sales materials into one neat package. Our technology enables full integration of Visualizer to existing web sites and presentations, booking systems, CRM platforms and social media and its fully customizable for any brand. The system is fully SEO proof and integrates any web analytics system allowing full scale reporting.

3DBear provides a tool for learning higher order skills via 3D design in augmented reality (AR). Our solution has been developed in Finland - the best educational system in the world. We have lesson plans available for pre-K, elementary schools, middle schools and libraries in ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, Coding, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, and STEM/STEAM. Students learn these skills through such engaging activities as creating a colony in Mars, redesigning your school, re-enacting historical scenes, creative storytelling, learning about 3D math, coding a castle, creating smart cities and learning social- and emotional skills in AR.

720° Analytics is a modern tool for indoor climate monitoring. Combining AI and indoor environmental quality expertise transforms billions of data points into value-adding knowledge. Skilled indoor air quality management, timely decision-making, correct follow-up measures, and advanced reporting increases real estate stakeholders ability to react while decreasing maintenance costs. The most accurate analytics for remote property monitoring

We offer a comprehensive technology platform that increases safety, efficiency and quality of care in hospitals, health centers, care homes and home care. The 9Solutions-system includes e.g. personal safety, nurse call, access management and workflow optimisation solutions based on real-time locating of both people and devises. With the 9Solutions-system help is quickly available when it’s needed. The mobile solutions free up time for patient care by enabling effective communication and information sharing. Simultaneously the real-time situational awareness supports decision making and enables to decrease administrative costs.

Our special expertise is speech technology and artificial intelligence. Our solutions focus on finding smooth ways to enable people to realize their true potential in a meaningful way. Voice-controlled Noptera makes sure that the work processes and their various steps are just right. An employee gets more done during the workday when both hands are available.

The most important product of Aava Ohjelmistot Oy is Aava Platform, which helps companies to achieve competitive edge by optimizing and automating their processes and routines. Aava Platform is a flexible and easily modifiable data system base without comparison, and it brings great data system advantages also within reach of smaller companies.

AddSearch is a modern hosted search for any website. It’s lightning fast, works on all devices, gives you full control and is easy to install. Your users will experience an instant search with a modern and beautiful interface. Our system has been built to scale to large amounts of users all across the globe. AddSearch works on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Using the magic of responsive and adaptive design, your search will be available to your users regardless of what device they use.

AdLaunch is a cloud-based video creation software that lets you create videos directly in your browser. With AdLaunch, you can easily create a stunning marketing video in minutes by mix-and-matching stock images, video clips, and background music.

Agilefant Ltd. provides a premium version of Agilefant as SaaS and as an on-premises version, offers professional services and support, and coordinates Agilefant’s development. Agilefant is a simple but powerful web based tool for lean and agile management. It is the most versatile open source solution of its kind today, with a rapidly growing user base of more than 10k user around the world in thousands of organizations.

From country-by-country (CbC) analysis to compliance document publishing, the Aibidia software platform brings incredible efficiency and provides instant insights. Aibidia customers use the platform with their internal teams, in cooperation with external accountancy service providers, or in a combination of both. In all approaches, Aibidia's platform assures the customer of 100% control over global and local Transfer Pricing processes, data, analytics, and publishing. By combining in-depth legal, tax and economic expertise with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Digital Innovations, we help organisations to envision the way Ahead – and provide individuals with the data and analytics to get there.

Edit content with out-of-box Microsoft Office tools. Upload document templates to Aiddocs service. Integrate to any applications using REST, SOAP and XML. Scales to organizations of any size, from hundreds to millions docs per year

Aiforia Technologies is specialised in developing intelligent, cloud-based software solutions for digital pathology using artificial intelligence (Deep Learning) and cloud computing. Our novel Aiforia® Cloud brings fast and accurate diagnostics support for pathologists and researchers, removing slow, manual and inconsistent workflow. Aiforia has proven to be an excellent tool in various applications, such as in cancer research, drug development and medical education. To learn more about Aiforia, please visit

Performant data pipelines in minutes. Aiven enables you to accelerate application innovation through a modern, fully-managed open source data infrastructure immediately deployable in public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

AlphaSense is a search engine for market intelligence that transforms how decisions are made by the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions. Leveraging AI and NLP technology, AlphaSense enables knowledge professionals to extract insights in seconds from thousands of previously disparate business data sources, including company filings, event transcripts, news and trade journals, and equity research.

AlvinOne makes well-being accessible for employees and supports strategic health management in companies. AlvinOne is your personal tool that helps you prevent illness and stay healthy. It uses machine learning technology to make predictions of your health risks and the health analysis analyses your current state of health and provides feedback that supports you with improving your health. is digitalized strategy execution enterprice solution

The merchandising solution analyzes product attributes, consumer trends, and sales data to empower retailers to create the winning product mix. Analyse2 provides assortment planning, pricing, campaign planning, and category analytics capabilities.

The right data at the right time. Your sales team will get the right buying signals from existing leads so they can act faster and close more deals. Based on the score assigned to each lead, Analytics Cloud will recommend which leads need immediate action and which need more nurturing.

Apix makes it quick, easy and affordable to implement e-invoicing and begin receiving e-invoices. We can also digitise all of the business documentation related to your supply chains, such as orders, confirmations and invoices. We convert your materials into formats that support the fully digital, automatic and error-free transmission of files between systems.. The services provided by Apix are suitable for enterprises and organisations of all sizes.

Your timely response to the needs of the mobile market. One place to monitor app performance, ratings & reviews, and organic growth. Time-saving review management platform and review analytics. Do-it-all ASO solution to acquire users organically.

AppGyver creates user-friendly, business driven tools for rapid app creation. AppGyver Composer lets companies and developers create and distribute sophisticated business to business and business to employee apps.

Applixure is an intelligent, cloud-based platform for real-time insight into your computer and application environment. It helps you enhance employee productivity, user experience and asset efficiency.

We help turn raw cyber threat data into harmonized threat intelligence. We create tools to automate the collection, harmonization, processing and distribution of threat intelligence. With Arctic Security products vital threat information will be shared from the ones who know to the ones that need to know.

Augmented reality can be used anywhere to provide immersive brand stories. Captivate your audience whether you are creating marketing materials, organizing events or designing packaging. Arilyn Manager – Easy visual tools for creating augmented reality. Create, publish, manage & analyse AR content & campaigns. Developed for creatives by creatives – No coding required. Supports Video, 3D, 360°, Live, Interactivity, Geolocation etc. Arilyn App – Readymade App To Experience Content Created In Arilyn Manager. Focus on creating your content, not developing your own custom app. Free download for iOS & Android. White label & integrations available

Arkkeo app automatically tracks customer purchase behavior and incentivizes customers to make frequent purchases. Most customers fail to engage due to the complexity of loyalty programs. Arkkeo automates rewarding completely and increases customer retention. Customers who don't visit you regularly spend less. With Arkkeo your customers spend more thanks to the automated purchase target and rewards.

AskKauko Impact Story is A turnkey solution that uses: storytelling, visuality, open data and interactivity. A fast, effortless, and cost-effective process that complements, enriches, and amplifies your existing sustainability communications provides tools to communicate your positive impacts on the environment and society.

Assently provides a premium solution for e-signatures and e-identification. Manage, send, sign and store any document, on any device at anytime via Assently Web Office or API. Increase security, improve efficiency, cut lead times and reduce costs. All while customers and employees enjoy an exquisite e-signing experience.

One collaboration tool for property asset managers and investors. Develop your portfolio strategy, control your property financials and secure your rent roll - do everything with one application.

The solutions of the Umbrella software product family help to manage with information, develop business and improve customer satisfaction. Umbrella was developed by the software company Atao Oy. The features developed for internal communication, data collection and analysis, brings an effective platform to manage business requirements.

A centralised medical database where prescription data is always up-to-date. Healthcare professionals can view a patient’s full prescription history and pharmacies have access to prescriptions. Browser-based cloud service and available in real-time everywhere

We provide an online platform where you can order custom made tracks from professional talent around the world. With our analytical approach you have data and technology supporting the creation of your unique sound. Our platform’s streamlined process guides you step-by-step through the development of your audio brand.

The company’s software enables new ways for smartglasses users to monitor and control machine operations, interact with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and control practically any application running on monocular and binocular smartglasses.

Deception technology to reduce alert noise plaguing the industry - and supply security ops with high confidence events. Don't take weeks to build your threat detection capability to an acceptable level. Try our SaaS-based deception technology approach, neatly hosted and packaged in the cloud, and raise your threat detection stack to the security gold standard in much less time than you think. Works for on-premise, cloud, OT, you name it.

Our solution is a virtual bank account for non-resident companies. B2B Pay offers the best rates for business transactions from Europe to the rest of the world.

Bankify offers a set of microservices tailored to Millennials, which are designed to improve the user experience of our partners’ digital/mobile banking solutions. With features including micro saving and group payments, our products have a proven track record of increasing consumer engagement through personalisation, education and social sharing. The customisable microservices can be implemented as a white label mobile solution or through the integrated model using RESTful APIs.

Our flagship product is Rocksolid Engine, a lightweight and portable graphics and compute engine for mission critical applications in automotive, aerospace, medical, military and other industries. We're also widely known for our line of system performance analysis tools that are used by leading semiconductor and OEM companies around the world.

Our BaseN Platform is a distributed system that collects, stores, analyzes, visualizes and controls massive amounts of data from millions of Things and their environment.

The easiest camera deployment ever. Immediate use by sharing the BCaster ICC link. No integration necessary. BCaster is the first scalable, channel-independent platform for brands to activate and engage users. We provide an end-to-end, real-time service across our in-house developed platform.

With the Benemen communication platform, the intelligence and the services are in the cloud. Available for all devices, all users and all calls. Mobile as well as fixed. Mobile phones with Benemen SIM cards but also business numbers, geographical numbers and international numbers can be part of the solution. No CAPEX, no hassle and no external software is required to deliver services. Specify your demands and we deliver your solution – from the cloud. Even bespoke solutions don’t require on premise hardware.

Binare empowers companies all over the world to improve their cybersecurity posture and digital privacy. We do this with a unique feature rich SaaS platform and add-on professional advisory services. Our cybersecurity services include penetration testing, detailed cybersecurity assessments and pre-certification readiness for IIoT/IoT/embedded devices, firmware and software.

Companies use Bitbar solutions to optimize their CI/CD workflows, build high-performance agile teams, leverage AI to accelerate mobile software development lifecycle, and deliver value, faster. Bitbar’s AI Testbot is the ultimate tool for mobile DevOps teams to perform exploratory testing, report critical compatibility errors and unveil app performance issues on real devices, allowing QA teams to focus on core problems and be more efficient.

Bizmind application is a personal sales coach utilizing psychometrics & crowd learning. Bizmind Personal Sales Accelerator is based on advanced data-mining of your own and your peer groups' successful past sales cases combined to sales psychology & psychometrics. Bizmind provides you with battle-tested instructions for success for your upcoming customer meetings, just on time, just before a new meeting. Bizmind application is a personal tool for B2B sales professionals and entrepreneurs, which improves the quality of customer interactions by means of improved customer contact chemistry.

Supercharge Salesforce for the fastest data capture on mobile. Zero Keyboard offers a truly mobile, typing-free Salesforce experience. Use swipes, pics and voice-to-text to update Salesforce. Save hours in reporting by logging your sales activities to Salesforce and access all your data on-the-go. Zero Keyboard is one flexible app designed for all ways of selling, for all Salesforce users. Tune in to learn more about us and our career opportunities

Bluugo is specialized in offering innovative digital solutions with our unique Tracking Cloud™ platform, combining IoT technology with AI and Machine Learning. Finding unique approaches to gain an edge in highly competitive environments is a challenge many companies are dealing with. We work together with our customers to find solutions that can be implemented at a fast pace and that truly benefit their operations. There is almost limitless potential in the combined power of the IoT, AI and Machine Learning to increase the efficiency of operations in any field. Machine Learning is no longer the future, it is now the present, and our solutions can quickly help your business to take advantage of it and achieve a real competitive edge.

Book&Store has been designed in active collabortion with its customers in various different environments while considering today's requirements. User-centricity of the system takes into account users' needs and provides an easily approachable solution for handling everyday tasks effectively. Book&Store offers a solution to time-consuming everyday tasks while saving time in inventory management, ordering and product catalog management. Real-time inventory monitoring allows for timely and efficient ordering of products and saves time in producing inventories.

Our products drive increased ROAS, conversions, and brand favorability for the world’s top brands by enabling them to have more effective conversations with their audiences. BrandBastion takes action to help you listen and respond better on social media

Brella is an event networking software to facilitate 1-to-1 meetings at largest networking events in around the world. Networking is a key driver for event attendance: by using an effective networking tool, you enhance the event value and give attendees and sponsors a great experience.

At Briox we believe in a prosperous combination of people and technology. We enable accounting consultants to maximize their potential by helping their clients to succeed. In full transparency we develop tools and technology in cooperation with the accountants. Together we challenge each other - constantly striving for simplicity, happiness and mutual success.

Broomu Digitals Oy is specialized to develop and create augmented reality (AR), mobile platforms and web software with high quality to demanding customers. We are focused on developing technology, which can help solve problems, especially in real estate, building construction and designing planning.

The BuddyCare App provides patients with all the information they need to navigate throughout the care process. It automates the whole workflow, communication, instructions, forms, and reminders so that patients are always aware of the next steps on the care path.Through the BuddyCare Dashboard, care personnel has real-time visibility over patients’ preparation and recovery activities. The tool is used to collect, analyze and visualize patient data, which allows care personnel to focus on those patients most in need of attention. The system also uses data analytics to early predict risks for surgery no shows, and to find evidence-based best practices for patient pathways to improve quality of care.

CADMATIC offers dedicated, high-performance tools for the design of process-intensive industrial plants. The user-friendly system reduces project lead-times and by speeding up design and improving the accuracy of data. CADMATIC's state-of-the-art information management tools for engineering project review and communication reduce the risk of uninformed decisions while avoiding expensive mistakes during production, installation, change management and operation.

Capricode Oy is a pioneer in connected device security, founded in 2002. Capricode Oy offers the globally proven, scalable and patented SyncShield device management solution. Main market focus is in Automotive, Industrial and Secure Communications devices and component and device manufacturers. We license our SyncShield product for device OEMs, service providers, IoT platform integrators, enterprises and technology partners, who have a combined need to manage the security of connected devices and their applications and settings. SyncShield is a comprehensive software tool that can be customized and integrated easily into any back end, device platforms and services to provide full automation to update and secure device fleets over their entire life cycle.

Aqua-Net is modern invoicing and customer management cloud service for water consumption invoicing. Aqua-Net enables fully automatic consumption based invoicing process with smart wireless water meters. No need for estimate and balancing invoices. No more manual data collection and on-site water meter reading.

We are developing a remote care solution for large healthcare organisations. Our software allows healthcare providers to provide and manage remote care for their patients. Our service allows healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and their patients whenever and wherever. Effortless communication makes life easier for health professionals and patients.

Monitor your digital marketing performance and optimise it. Causalytics is a web app that makes monitoring, optimising and reporting on digital marketing performance a consolidates your data, generates insights, explains them in a humanly understandable way and suggests improving actions.

Our products are designed for monitoring, controlling and managing RF-emission from mobile devices, towers and WiFi. Our revolutionary technology is based on our proprietary Quanta algorithm which has been extensively tested in field and lab environments.

In 2017 we invented the Myinfomonitor Illustrator, which changes the way operational – or any – visual management boards and dashboards can be created. Myinfomonitor provides a web-based new way to create intuitive visualizations. of operational data. You can draw or use ready-made stencils to design professional level visual controls and dashboards in no time, then pull and aggregate data in real time from your manufacturing and business systems to make your illustrations live.

Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution is the tool for documenting the child’s day with pictures, videos, comments and curriculum objectives. Track the learning progress efficiently and guarantee that every child gets to reach their personal best. Share the learnings with families to engage them in the learning path and have them gain confidence in their child’s learning. Export automatically collected child portfolios to cut back the time spent on compiling assessments. Follow valuable statistics and reports and manage all the daily routines in your center efficiently in one system to get more time for quality education.

CHAOS is an urban forecasting AI platform for real estate developers and investors. Our cloud-based platform processes urban data and crowd insights to forecast investment and development for creating liveable cities. By integrating urban data with crowd insights CHAOS produces trademarked indexes from city to neighborhood level (macro to micro level) with different machine learning modelling approaches.

Choicely has created a massively scalable, easily deployable platform for engaging fans across web, app, social and linear broadcast. We offer a broad suite of interactive content tools that can be integrated into any website or app in minutes and are pre-built with social sharing features, along with monetization options. Choicely Studio enables publishing localized websites and native iOS and Android apps directly from Choicely’s publishing system that can be ready to launch within weeks at a very competitive market price.

Click2Contract offers a software tool for the easiest possible client contracting process. Click2Contract is designed to be used by salespeople to easily send out offers, to do follow-up and get them accepted. It helps salespeople to react fast when a customer is ready to buy. It secures sales income with communicative and legally binding contracts. It gives more results for less work.Click2Contract makes salespeople happy closers!

Today Cloudator develops and markets a clean-sheet, multi-country, real-time and cloud-based payroll solution for the enterprise. Cloudator provides services for both Workday Human Capital Management and Financial Management solutions. Cloudator also provides full life-cycle services for Workday customers.

CloudBounce is a cloud-based online mastering service that helps producers, DJs, musicians, bands and sound engineers sound better though mastering their songs. Unlike competing online mastering services, CloudBounce delivers a good, crystal clear sound quality.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes data security certified and easy-to-use solutions for both strategic and operational aspects of procurement – eSourcing, Contract Management and Supplier Management. Cloudia’ s dynamic, cloud-based services help companies respond to the challenges of the information age and to make use of the growing amount of data simply and effectively. Our services can be produced using Equinix data centres, on five continents and using over 200 nodes.

Cloudriven is experienced software development and consulting company specialized in designing and developing interactive and gamified CRM, intranet and organizational learning solutions and implementing operational changes.

A unique platform that improves the productivity of health, wellness, and sport professionals. Better and faster coaching. Create training programs, interact with your clients and analyse the results. Customizable to your needs. Easy to use tools for both beginners and professionals. Pricing that makes sense. Price according to your number of clients. No start-up costs.

SME business digitalization and digital transformation

Our flagship product is Galera ClusterTM for MySQL, a True Multimaster Cluster based on synchronous replication. Galera Cluster is an easy-to-use, high-availability solution which provides high system uptime, no data loss and scalability for future growth.

At CollectiveCrunch, we are all about harnessing the power of technology in the world of natural resources. In both the forestry and energy industries, we are applying our unique AI solutions to make operations smoother, use resources more efficiently, and deliver insights more accurately.We call our AI platform ‘Linda’ — cool, calm and hassle-free. Data by itself can be fascinating, but not always useful. With CollectiveCrunch, we turn your data to your advantage.

cNeuro® is Combinostics’ cloud platform for quantitative assessment of brain images and for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders.

Our system provides insight into the condition of containers. We integrate the oscillation data collection through our devices seamlessly. The entire process neither harms any equipment nor interrupts any processes.

A platform for construction professionals who want to take their sites to the next level. We offer a single platform in which all quality and safety management issues of any construction project can be managed – improving safety and quality, maximising site productivity and reducing costs.

Contakti is a multichannel customer service platform that scales with your business. Contakti brings organizations and their customers closer together.

Contract Mill is a document automation platform for lawyers who love their clients. Easy onboarding. Automate your documents easily yourself. Create customized documents in minutes. Develop digital client facing or digital processes. Scale your legal work with our Self-Check-In and Do-It-Yourself features. Use Contract Mill Widgets for document automation where you need it.

ContractZen is an easy-to-use and secure governance software with pricing suitable for any organization and consisting of advanced contract management, 100% paperless board meeting management, effortless entity management, seamlessly integrated e-signature providers, and built-in virtual data rooms (VDR) - all in one.

A Sea Container is not always connected. It may be locked and physically sealed, but the digital overview is unreliable and fraud prone. Our sw technology can fit on a Smart Sea Container, which can record a events locally with a microcontroller. The event log is verifiable, can make sure nothing has been retrospectively removed, modified or added.

First complete coaching application for team sports: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Floorball. You can animate, share and archive your exercises in your computer, smartphone or tablet. CoPlays is for coaches who want to make their coaching easier and save time with modern tools.

Crasman specializes in turnkey solutions for online business, covering internal and external communications, commerce, asset management and multichannel marketing. We develop some of the most secure, easiest-to-use products on the market. Our products can be integrated to a wide range of process management and enterprise software solutions. Our products offer solutions to all of the typical online commerce needs.

The scanning solution is the most scalable way to acquire property interior data. Enabling any space to be indexed, searched, sorted, and understood. Scan a floor plan in 5 minutes by using CubiCasa’s easy-to-use floor plan app.

Cuckoo will help stop excess sitting and remind employees to take regular breaks in a gamified format, including both physical and mental exercise. Cuckoo also helps refine your organization culture towards a modern, caring and fun place to work. Adding productivity with Cuckoo will only take 10 min of each day.

Cumucore brings a disruptive solution that integrates Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to deliver a flexible and affordable mobile services to truly connect the world.

Cuppla is a software that has two models: Mobile Device Management and Content Sharing. With Cuppla Mobile Device Management schools, municipalities and healthcare organizations can make sure that both tablets and smartphones are always safe and secure to use. With Cuppla Content Sharing people can be sure that they have just the right information just at the right time - regardless of the device or platform they are using. This way we can ensure that less time is wasted on digital hassle - and more time is spent on people.

It works for all marketing teams – including teams of one Get full view to your customer’s touchpoints: online and offline purchases and other events. Create and manage multi-channel campaigns with just a few clicks. Have access to ready-to-use and flexible API services. Available in English, German, French, Dutch and Finnish.

Digital marketing services with a single monthly payment. Our data-driven services help you to understand your market position, website development requirements and how to focus your marketing efforts.

Patented solution to collect network payload and preserve all data safely for a very long time. Roll-out it as You need, from a single installation to a full-scale multi-tenant, multi-company Evidence Management System (EMS). With the Evidence Gateway, fully compatible with the Network Evidence Reference and Discovery Model™.

D-Fence email security solutions provide a first line of defense against all email threats including viruses, spam, and malware. Businesses are also further protected against legal actions with image and content filters. The D-Fence service completely eliminates the need for so-called Spamboxes, entailing thus immediate cost savings for the customer. Our services are based on high end protection technology which is backed up with unique D-Fence Service Concept.

SQL Governor is an innovative software for the planning, forecasting and optimization of Microsoft data platforms. SQL Governor is the only software in the market to offer both performance monitoring and capacity planning features. It is ideal for helping to proactively identify and alert about problems and risks in order to fix them. Instead of only focusing on the history and current state of the platform, it has also unique capabilities for planning the data platform renewal in an automated and fact-based way. SQL Governor supports the continuous SQL Server advisory, assessment, and proactive life cycle management. The agentless architecture makes it scalable for large SQL Server environments.

DD-Ready™ (Saas) guides the companies in becoming ready for the due diligence - and remaining so at all times. DD-Ready™ is developed by Diligent Solutions Ltd, a fintech company based in Finland.

Dealsign is an online contract collaboration platform and suits well for legal, sales, procurement, HR, finance, IT and other enterprise contracting needs from growth companies to large enterprises. Dealsign helps companies to manage and control better their end-to-end contracting, enhances collaboration, and saves time and improves user productivity significantly, thereby improving the bottom line. We offer Dealsign as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service, which means we are able to onboard new customers flexibly and fast, and we also provide custom integrations and workflow automation solutions to client specific environments.

Dear Lucy designs real-time sales performance reporting solutions for CEOs, sales leads, and their teams. Dear Lucy draws data from Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce, calculates critical KPIs and shows trends and data-driven forecasts on interactive dashboards that work on any device from mobile to office TV. Dear Lucy is one of the top-rated sales reporting apps on the HubSpot App Marketplace and an officially Certified HubSpot App Partner.

Signals is our anonymous, GDPR compliant people counting and tracking solution. Signals will help you understand how your customers, across all gender and age groups, use the services and space you provide them with; be they within a store, a restaurant, an office space or even an outdoor area. The gained insight into customer behavior helps you spot emerging trends, design new services and offer a better overall customer experience; increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Our product POINTR is a smartphone application that enables the next level of communication through real-time AR annotations, live video streaming and voice chat.

DM's Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is a vital component of any Practice Management Software (PMS). Dental Mammoth's database of clinical content is now available for Practice Management Software integration, putting clinical decision support and knowledge at your fingertips. Dental professionals often work alone, under time pressure. A key to successful performance is the ability to check and find important data at the point of care. A modern, thoroughly tested portal answers for all demands: quickness, reliability and relevance. The content is the king. Dental Mammoth offers to its customers valuable oral health content in three formats: Online Service (cloud based), eBook and printed book. These three types of products complement each other.

Detech Optimizer is a sophisticated financial management and enterprise-wide risk management software for the financial industry. Detech`s advanced analytics tool offers superior advantages to companies for finding the best strategies to achieve their business goals under uncertainty. Software is based on advanced state-of-the art optimization technology approach to strategic financial management, which is an advanced and versatile approach for dealing with highly complex financial management problems under uncertainty. It covers Banktech, Insurtech, WealthTech, Risktech and RegTech issues.

Devea Scoring is a cloud service that provides fully anonymous credit scoring of marketing leads based on demographic data. Devea Subscribe ( is an end-to-end solution for B2C subscription management encompassing customer acquisition, billing and customer service.

With our platform, businesses are now able to generate more video content for your content marketing, train customers and employees, send follow up presentations and emails as videos. Our PowerPoint-to-Video cloud service is the solution for your business video producing needs.

The Digital Goodie Connected Commerce platform was included in the Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2018 among the leading applications of the digital commerce ecosystem. The platform runs on top of a new generation microservices architecture consisting of modular commerce and fulfillment solutions. For retailers, our Connected Commerce platform provides all the tools needed to run modern online operations, click and collect services and home deliveries, as well as digitally enhanced in-store experiences.

Digital Workforce offers a range of services and tools to support organizations in their robotics journey. Our services include Robot as a Service from the private cloud or Azure environment and Robotics Consulting. Our services make it possible to achieve tangible results from Intelligent Automation rapidly. A Digital Worker automates existing rule- and role-based manual user tasks and processes. The operation cost is 1/10 of traditional IT projects, both in terms of time and money. Digital Workforce is your opportunity to be 10 times more efficient.

Our solutions allow users to take control of their dictation and transcription workflows in order to increase documentation productivity and efficiency across their organisations. The ease of use reduces the time invested in creating dictations and generating documentation. Users are able to manage dictations and documentation on their time, allowing for more focus on patients. The main users of Diktamen's solutions are in the healthcare industry, such as Trusts, Hospitals and Private Clinics. Inside these organisations, the end users are GPs, Nurses, Consultants, Secretaries, Transcriptionists, IT Professionals and Administrators. Our solutions are beneficial to any organisation that utilises dictation or transcription.

Our solutions are for clinical use. They enable fast, accurate and reproducible measuring for diagnostics and patient-specific, optimized treatment planning. Based on mathematical modelling, Disior algorithms extract the correct shape or structure from the medical image. This way, the software is not dependent on finding familiar structures or comparing something to reference data. We combine engineering and R&D talent with medical and biotechnology professionals. Our team brings together decades of experience in creating world’s best simulation and modelling systems from smartphone R&D; clinicians and researchers in maxillofacial and orthopedics; and technology innovation and commercialization.

Our intention is to make the best and easiest health management tool ever. No more stiff and complex user interfaces and heavy databases. No more solutions origination from engineers. We want to make the world a better place and by simplifying the healthcare we can do it. Bono is the very first virtual AI personal trainer. It is not a chatbot but an entity that can take individual needs and variables into account. Bono can be a nutritional coach, sport coach, pharmacist, nurse and many other things. It's like a group of professionals in your pocket.

Sopimustieto is a digital platform for most legal matters SMEs encounter. On our platform you can easily create, sign & store all your contracts and other documents in one ecosystem while getting legal guidance from our lawyers.

Documill Dynamo - a browser-first document automation solution for Salesforce users offering intuitive and easy to use tools to design and generate high-quality documents. Dynamo eliminates manual processes and ensures immediate productivity gains and employee satisfaction by allowing users to produce consistent quotes, contracts or reports inside Salesforce with just a few clicks. Documill Discovery - a search-as-a-service offering covering most popular cloud repositories. It comes with document previewing, sharing and re-using capabilities, as well as support for authentication and access control schemes for secure search and access into enterprise files. Documill Platform Services – SaaS offerings for enabling document-driven collaboration, available as shared SaaS offerings and private cloud deployments. Documill Platform Services are used to empower online services with embeddable document editing, viewing and collaboration capabilities.

Doerz Local is a sales platform for local experience services It is a user friendly platform that provides Visit-organisations, travel agencies, airlines and the wider tourism sector a single booking site for services in their areas. Doerz is also a great sales platform for online experiences.

Dottli is a platform which provides companies who cater to people with chronic conditions a tested, state of the art method to help their customers.

Chemdoc gives control back to those managing chemical safety by directly sourcing Safety Data Sheets from the manufacture on your behalf and supplying you with the tools to complete custom and relevant COSHH Risk assessments which will be complaint and also to ensure the safety of your employees. EcoOnline’s Safety Manager is a comprehensive SaaS solution that gives you access to the tools you need to get on track with health and safety management. Plan, manage and implement, in a single, highly flexible tool designed to support the way you work. Build checklists, conduct inspections, assign actions and report accidents.

eeedo desk is a true omnichannel customer service software which combines all communication channels in a single tool. Our product/service is a smart social intranet service that boosts employee engagement and internal communication. The platform is our own and it can be integrated with existing SharePoint and WordPress intranets.

Emooter helps you and your team improve mental well-being at work and to prevent exhaustion. You can assess and find out your state of well-being in minutes. Emooter Virtual Coach interviews you and your team with a couple of meaningful and scientifically validated questions each week. You get instant feedback and personalized coaching suggestions on your mental well-being and health.

We supply a unique cloud service software for energy management, indoor climate condition monitoring and improvement as well as consulting services related to energy efficiency in buildings.

Enfuce offers payment and open banking services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. By combining industry expertise, collaborative partnerships and compliance, they are delivering long term and scalable solutions fast and secure. .At Enfuce we offer all of our products and services “as a service”, which means that we use our existing infrastructure when we on-board new customers. We are fully compliant with no legacy, which makes us agile and reliable.

Our unique software only solution along with cloud integration will allow test tools to be completely independent of the hardware. With our solutions you can easily share and transfer the licenses across your team as you are not locked down to custom handsets. Cloud integration allows easy remote configuration and fully automated software updates.

Enterpay helps companies boost their online commerce. We provide a credit management and invoicing service designed solely to meet the needs of online trade between companies. We provide an easy and safe way to invoice all business customers, even the new ones. For the company buying online, invoice, especially e-invoice, is by far the most efficient way to pay.

Field Service Software from eqTAG helps small and mid size businesses streamline service operations. With eqTAG Field Service Management Software you can fully utilize your service capacity, accelerate your cash flow, increase profitability with streamlined service processes and improve your personnel & customer satisfaction. Whether its related to daily service actions or business planning, eqTAG helps you to get things done easier. Scheduling work orders, field reporting and installed base management. eqTAG supports you in all of your field service operations.

Investments in sraer

eTasku is a cloud service to automate the delivery of receipts to the accounting.

Etsimo offers a healthcare platform that leverages AI and machine learning on top of health data, making it possible for healthcare providers and insurance companies to instantly offer their customers an engaging experience and predictive and preventive healthcare through existing and future digital channels.

Etuma’s text feedback categorization service lets you know what your customers are talking about, ranking feedback categories and sentiment in order of importance. This allows you to choose when to take action in acute cases. It also detects the sentiment per category, letting you know which aspects of your product, service, people, process, brands or marketing campaigns are positive or negative. All this in real-time and in ten languages.

Eventilla provides cloud based event registration and e-ticketing services to companies that want to stand out in the digital marketing jungle. Eventilla service manages events of all sizes and integrates with most common online payment methods to your paid events, no matter the language or location.

This platform utilizes data from various sources such as car sensors, mobile app usage, registration authorities data and dealers'​ maintenance history. The platform resolves dealers'​ inventory problems by creating branded Car as a Service (CaaS) solutions. A dealer having a used car inventory (e.g. owner of a vehicle fleet) can offer flexible short leasing service, while keeping each car on sale. The driving behavior of leasing customers can be tracked via a mobile app and analyzed. Rewards can then be offered to incentivise desired driving habits.

Expak Systems Oy helps wholesale and e-commerce businesses to solve their toughest supply chain challenges and deliver the right products in the right place at the right time. Expak puts supply and demand data into action with the built-in-best practices and through agile demand driven supply chain analytics. With Expak you accelerate your supply chain, generate more sales and reduce inventory.

Our Mirror-software automatically collects huge amounts of feedback and turns it instantly into actionable information on all levels of your organization. Mirror is a modern omnichannel system for fact-based management. It helps your business develop its activities to meet the needs of your customers. Exceeding the expectations of customers and meeting their needs increases sales and improves the image of your company. The automation and customization of the system helps to optimize your business processes and follow in real-time how changes affect your operations.

Exquance offers ModelTree platform for real estate portfolio management, valuation and reporting and Fundy for real estate fund management. Unique financial modeling engine with customizable analysis models and 100% transparency through calculation model Excel exporting capability. Save significant amount of time to set up financial modelling of real estate assets. Set up any financial model or pick some ready-made analysis models for your assets. Analyse buying, selling, leasing, development, valuation and loan financing situations of commercial real estate and bring the analysis models to Excel with full formulas.

EzyInsights is the fastest news gathering tool for newsrooms and journalists. We help publishers around the world save time, grow traffic and increase engagement.

FA Platform is a modern, web-based software platform for investment management. It allows companies to have everything in a single system from back, middle, and front office to end clients. With FA Platform you can manage your business anytime, in any place, and with any device. The transaction-based, multi-currency platform is highly configurable for different business and regional needs. The platform consists of modules, enabling you to choose exactly which functionalities you need to fulfill your business needs. Additionally, FA Platform enables modern integrations for automating processes such as trading, reporting, and market data flows. For more information, see

FabricAI’s set up and on-boarding process is fast and easy. FabricAI can be deployed to production within one day with minimal expenses. Artificial intelligence automatically learns companies’ accounting charts and posting policies based on history data. FabricAI brings transparency to the accounting process, elevates the overall quality of accounting and automatically creates detailed insights based on the purchase invoice data. FabricAI’s artificial intelligence models are language agnostic, which means they can process foreign purchase invoices effectively regardless of the language used. As the amount of data increases, so does the capabilities of the artificial intelligence.

Feedbackly is the only customer feedback software with built in marketing and sales tools, that turn customer experience into instant sales. Our all-in-one feedback tool generates measurable revenue, insight and covers all steps of the customer journey with our multichannel feedback services.

We make it possible to monitor assets, services and processes combining RFID-, Bluetooth- and video-analytics in an innovative and cost-efficient way. Our service is perfect for anything where there is a need to track or monitor people, assets, things, animals or processes in real-time. Our services are being used in international fast food chains, biggest construction companies in Finland, large stores, national hotel chains and also in small locations where security services are needed.

Validation Manager is the world’s #1 software service for running validations and verifications. We're helping forward-thinking laboratories worldwide to speed up their projects and make more precise conclusion about quality.

Tool4pro® is easy to use task and project management application for all industries. All parties executing task are in same platform and information is updating in real time. Tool4pro is very easy to use for everyone.

At its simplest, Fingertip is mobile documenting of made decisions. Or it can be the new business operating system, used from every day significant decisions to strategy execution and the corporate governance of an organization. The benefits are obvious; documented accountable decision making and execution, saving time and resources. Fingertip is a productivity tool and the new way of managing work!

A breakthrough in a Finnish sports-sciences research lab revealed how heart rate variability (HRV) could be used to translate human physiology into a mathematical model. Research enabled us to create a window into our inner body functions, allowing us to map stress, recovery, and exercise performance. The innovative use of HRV evolved into the advanced performance analytics that Firstbeat provides today. The new way to support your employees’ physical and mental well-being. Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management, and an integral part of preventive healthcare.

Fixably is an integrated software solution that allows repair technicians to manage repairs more efficiently so they can spend more time fixing their customers’ problems.

With Fjuul, Make Each Move Count! Use your iPhone to instantly see the health impacts of your daily movements. Just check one screen, one comparable number and you know if your day has been an active and healthy one.

Flashnode is the easy one stop service for business app connections. By transferring data automatically between payment and pos systems, accounting softwares and online stores information is never lost or incorrect.

Snapshot is a real-time monitoring and tracking platform with built-in IoT and live video capabilities. BOQA is an automatic event tracker platform for detecting Close encounters, Route deviations, heavy weather on route and much more. Now also available for Inmarsat Fleet Data, DaneleConnect and KNL WaveAccess COLLECT and with support for Navtor Navtracker. Desk is designed for Spot Chartering and Operations and provides a uniquely fast drag-and-drop timeline functionality.

Fliq is a modular application portal on top of Internet of Things, bringing together connected devices, people and processes into one cohesive system. With intuitive data visualisations and easy to use functionality Fliq turns your raw IOT data feeds into value adding applications. Example applications include Remote Monitoring, Asset Tracking (indoor & outdoor), Mesh Networks, Workflow Management, Scheduled Maintenance, Mobile Communications, Spareparts, Customer Asset Portals & After Sales Management

Flockler is built for marketers like you. Set up in minutes without technical skills and display social media content on any digital service. An inspirational social media feed on your website helps potential customers to view your products in a real-life context and discover how others like them use your services. Displaying a social media feed with authentic content created by your company and your fans increases the time spent on site and improves conversion rates on your website. Flockler enables you to collate and display social media feeds on any website, mobile application, and display screen. Set up social media feeds displaying content automatically or moderate and pick all the content one-by-one from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more

Licensing lifecycle management has never been so easy! Built on Salesforce, the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Flowhaven enables licensors and agents to manage the wide range of activities required to run a successful licensing journey with B2B partners including agreement management, digital content distribution, design collaboration and approvals, and sales reporting and validation. Flowhaven inspires commercial and creative licensing teams to collaborate and leverage real-time business data to grow and scale globally.

Fluid Connected Oil Solutions is an AI powered product family that comprises of three different solution areas - Fluid Monitoring, Fluid Analytics, and Fluid Total. Fluid Cloud is our service platform to enable these intelligent solutions and continuous monitoring of oil condition. Fluid Professional Services is an additional solution that complements the offering to match our customers' needs.

Foller is a solution for tracking and managing expiring goods The operating environment of food production is currently undergoing a transition, which will open new earning possibilities to the actors in the field, and force food production and supply chain to reinvent itself.

Usetrace is a web software Testing-as-a-Service designed for agile teams. We have unique technology that makes web software end-to-end testing easy to use and adopt.

Framme is a physical brand asset management tool. Helping brand marketers manage, order and distribute all physical marketing items from all suppliers and warehouses to all retail locations and offices.

Frends enterprise iPaaS - is a low-code browser-based integration platform as a service. With Frends, you can develop, monitor, manage and secure all your API integrations and business process automation within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and truly hybrid, Frends delivers in a fraction of cost and effort compared to traditional integration solutions.

Front AI provides full range of services around Conversational AI based Service Bots. We help you to deliver revolutionizing digital service that meets customer demands in this digital era: always available, immediate resolution, conversational, customer friendly and not forget cost-efficiency. All this happens where the impact is the greatest: right in Front of your customer, powered by AI.

Frosmo is the most versatile personalization software, delivering 1.5 billion personalized customer journeys each day. Our winning personalization formula consists of AI-driven product recommendations that optimize each step of the customer journey delivering the best results in the market.

The platform enables companies to modify any and all aspects of their websites without complicated processes. In this way, Frosmo can boost segmentation and personalization, and can help achieve higher conversion rates and revenue.

FusionLayer streamlines cloud and application delivery in next generation data centers and cloud environments. The company’s vendor agnostic technology provides a single point of visibility, provisioning, control and automation for all of your networks, and bridges the gap between #network infrastructure and orchestrated #cloud, #SDN and network functions virtualization ( #NFV ) workflows For cloud and application delivery, FusionLayer’s northbound solution facilitates Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and provides unified network visibility and reporting. The company’s southbound solution, for network infrastructure, enables multivendor #DNS and #DHCP administration coupled with network monitoring and reservation management for #SDN (Software Defined Networking).

FUTURES PLATFORM™ is a proven online solution to explore future trends and drivers of change to identify opportunities and risks to support your strategy development, risk management, innovation and R&D, and other situations where validated future content is needed. Access a new era of future knowledge with AI-driven foresight and trusted content crafted and updated by futurists.

GameLayer is a SaaS platform that enables companies to create engagement mechanics for Apps and Digital Services to increase loyalty from their users. Our cloud-based game mechanics were designed and developed in Helsinki, Finland by games industry experts.

GBuilder digitalizes the customer journey in residential construction projects. It is the only software to integrate Building Information Models (BIM), web-based user interface and dynamic 3D, VR and AR-models into one. Customers are part of the process from start to finish, including sales, material customisation, home configuration and the building process. Residential builders and developers are able to keep their home buyers in the loop like never before, with full functionality and transparency. Material customisation, management and configuration are easily accessible, allowing builders to set pricing, upsell and add their own branding, whilst customers can keep track of their budget and see what their home will look like.

Creator of JennyBot, the advanced AI chatbot builder with a custom NLP engine. Build smarter chatbots that improve customer experience and automate menial tasks in customer service, lead generation, HR and internal communications.

Our tools help businesses and individuals achieve more with less. giosg combines data and artificial intelligence (AI) with feature-rich technology to provide intuitive solutions that deliver the right online trigger, to the right person at the right time - allowing your organisation to operate smarter.

Good Sign Software removes pain points in pricing, billing, and monetization of recurring revenue. We automate subscription-, usage-, and contract-based business. Good Sign connects with customers’ CRM, ERP, service management, and financial systems. Our customers are international service businesses such as Fujitsu, Fortum, and Technopolis.

Reduce risks. Make room for success. Granite is an easy to use service platform for the development of risk management, cyber security and occupational safety and health. We are continually developing new adaptive services for the platform to enable our customers to utilize the platforms agile solutions as comprehensive as possible. The key factor of the development of Granite platform is user-friendliness

We provide platform that helps growth companies identify and apply suitable public funding.

Digital Asset Management with one system. Customize according to your requirements. Pay only for what you need. Scale and customize to your changing needs. Speed up the digitalization of your business processes. Easy and quick deployment. Take advantage of user training and support from our professionals. Enjoy secure service.

Greip is a leading IP management and collaboration platform, trusted by thousands of users in hundreds of innovation led companies and organizations of all sizes. We cover the entire lifecycle of all types of intellectual property from innovation to utilization, gathering all of your IP(R) related data and communication in a safe and user friendly environment, with a strong business acumen.

Innoduel is a participation platform that boosts employee engagement and speeds up decision making. Growing your business requires gaining relevant insight to make better decisions faster. Our solution allows you to ask the right questions from the people who matter to your business. Engagement will help you make the best decisions quickly and inspire your troops to commit to implementing changes successfully. We help leaders make sense of the chaotic world by creating order and predicting the unpredictable. Above all, we help to build better companies and workplaces to make growth possible.

Hammerkit is an IoT App Service Platform for Smart Cities and Buildings. It contains powerful tools for app developers and service operators.

Handpicked Cherries is a hassle-free web app for offering product samples to consumers and professionals. No matter how many products you have in your catalog, we've got you covered. We take care of all the tech things and let you focus on your business. To make it even easier to start serving your customers, we can handle shipping as well.

Happeo combines a digital workplace and collaboration platform with a social intranet. By unifying a company's digital toolset into one integrated ecosystem, it minimizes distraction and breaks down information silos. Large enterprises and growing organizations like BMW, Givaudan and Randstad Sourceright use Happeo to revolutionize their Internal Communications, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

We are the providers of the award-winning service and develop innovative solutions to help our clients improve their customer service and performance, and employee satisfaction. The leading solution for instant customer and employee satisfaction analytics and reporting.

Leading Experience Management Platform for IT. Drive IT and Service Management with Employee Experience and use to manage your XLAs. Full Experience Management Platform (XMP) for IT and Experience Level Agreements. Our customers have made on average 26% improvement in productivity

Most NLP is done with deep learning networks. That makes such applications narrow, dependent on training sets, and so disables secure and transparent decision making. Headai goes beyond those limits by bringing together the strengths of self-organized learning, reinforcement learning and cognitive sciences. Everything 100% Headai's IP.

Our products improve productivity with efficient workflow automation. Our digital product range consists of applications and instructions that facilitate and enhance the daily work of network operators, network designers, contractors and equipment suppliers.

With Heeros solutions you will improve the efficiency of your company and automate the financial management processes. Heeros solutions help organisations in reaching sustainability targets and taking concrete steps towards paperless office. Heeros product portfolio consists of fully automated solutions for invoice scanning, purchase invoice workflow, travel expenses, sales invoicing and electronic archiving.

Ultra Scalable & Secure Honkio SaaS is a great place for your solution. We manage the service and you can focus on running it.

Hookle makes life easier for small businesses by automating their digital business processes. Currently social media, with all the different platforms, is a jungle for small businesses. They need a fast and simple way to manage that jungle on the go. Hookle is a smart tool to automate all that for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Specialists in AI based chatbots | We make hotel guest communication simple and meaningful. We are experts in guest engagement, making sure no customer goes unnoticed. Our team members have worked with leading global hotel brands, advanced airlines and top hospitality tech companies, experience that endorses our fast-growing startup. We firmly believe that technology is a tool that can improve our lives and bring us together. Making the hospitality industry better one guest at a time, is everything Hotelway stands for.

We believe in a dialogue-driven and collaborative way of working. Change happens conversation by conversation and that's why we created Howspace. A digital facilitation platform that brings everyone and everything together. Using Howspace is so easy that anyone can use it, but so flexible that you can run any process with it. Our passion is to help consultants, facilitators and organizational developers to deliver powerful change, learning programs, and workshops.

Hoxhunt Response automates and speeds up the initial analysis of user reported threats so you can focus on containing and eradicating incidents.

Humbol is a software for systematic employee experience development that helps teams and individuals collect feedback and have more meaningful conversations.

hyper[in] is customizable for each location with an affordable monthly subscription and a deployment fee without a lengthy IT-project. We'll deploy a perfect turn-key solution for your mall amazingly fast also while continuously developing it together.

Freesi Indoor Climate Service

Immersal AR Cloud SDK is a tool for programmers enabling AR in any app. It is a 3D-mapping and visual positioning solution for markerless, persistent, battery-friendly, massively multi-user ready AR. The SDK can be used to enable immersive AR experiences, such as gaming, indoor navigation, product finding, multi-player features, ads etc. — your imagination is the limit. When the end users use the AR apps Immersal collects point clouds of the spaces – AR-enabling them permanently. This results in a global AR infrastructure: AR Cloud.

IndoorAtlas is the indoor positioning platform for mobile applications. We provide the full technology stack and building blocks to add features like indoor positioning, wayfinding, geofencing, asset tracking, and location intelligence into any experience you create.

Infrakit – Cloud for infra projects. Infrakit connects project participants into common information management system. Thanks to open formats and cloud technology, enhanced information flow enables collaboration for all stakeholders of civil construction project. Infrakit has intuitive visual approach to access all your information on map or on automated reports. This ensures that your whole team works for common targets and has up-to-date information easily in their hands – also when mobile.

The IPRally engine contains three basic elements. First, a graph-based data model which represents how patent attorneys and examiners perceive things when drafting or examining patent applications. Second, the prosecution history of earlier real patent applications. Third, a cutting edge neural network that learns the patenting logic using these. An intelligent search engine that thinks like a patent professional is born.

Iris AI is your AI Science Assistant. Helping R&D Departments navigate and find research text content around their challenges today, she will grow into a fully fledged AI Researcher within a decade.

Manage your sales and finances with Isolta invoicing software – conveniently and regardless of your location. Free for low volume invoicing. Our customer service will always help you free of charge.

Our solution – Infectious Disease Reader and IDA platform IDR is a high-end application installed in a mobile device to capture data from lateral flow tests. IDA is an intelligent and secure cloud based analysis platform with instant feedback to the user.

Jakamo is a collaboration platform designed for manufacturing companies. In Jakamo, companies connect with each other, share information and collaborate. Information sharing is easy, fast and secure. Compared to the traditional systems, Jakamo is much more cost effective, collaborative and much easier to use. It solves the chronic problem of scattered information sharing between customer and supplier. The information is quickly available, where and whenever needed. Jakamo enables transparent information sharing and interaction, fast decision-making and continuous improvement with your chosen partner companies. Companies using Jakamo execute everyday decisions faster, shorten the time to market, spare time with a hassle-free system, and spend a fraction of money compared to traditional management IT-systems.

JAMIX Kitchen Intelligence System is a cutting edge kitchen and food management software for managing any size and type of restaurant, food service operation, dining service, or catering service. Comprehensive system manages several sides of commercial kitchen operations including recipes, menus, inventory management and procurement, production and requisitions, and sustainability.

VisitorXperience offers automated utilization rate tracking with 98% precision. Results can be used for credible decision making that is based on solid facts that VisitoXperience solution offers. Easy to use analytics software enables fast and comprehensive analysis of statistics. VisitorXperience provides solution to virtualize the ordered queue by providing queueing information to customer’s smartphone. Solution is based on intelligent Web application and thus doesn’t need any installations on the customer’s smartphone lowering the barrier for customer to take solution into use.

Simple and powerful workspace & project communication software for teams and projects. Collaborate, communicate and work more efficiently. All your files, communication and people in one single workspace, securely in the cloud. Get started for free now.

We are digitising patient monitoring and easing the adoption of Patient-Reported Outcomes in several therapy areas. Over 40 European hospitals and clinics are using our platform to better monitor their patients, reducing manual work and allowing prioritization of clinical actions. This along with the capture and analysis of real-world data paves way for more personalized and effective care of each patient.

We offer the Client SDK to all IoT developers. Take full advantage of our ready-to use smart connectivity and communication solution. It’s been used in millions of devices all around the world.

Keto Software for managing enterprise investment in innovation, with analytics, forecasting, risk and development resource orchestration. Gain efficiency, cost transparency, speed up your time-to-market and increase your ROI. Keto Software engages everyone across borders and functions. The transparent and efficient reporting and clear process steps provide top management with details of the progress and profitability of each project and the entire portfolio. We have a hybrid model where you can combine traditional Waterfall (GANTT) and Agile ways of working focused on continuous improvement.

Kiho Cloud Platform enables the development of completely new services. We offer our partners a ready-to-use White Label business platform around which new solutions based on location or other existing Kiho technology can be produced. We can offer customized service development through us or you can develop all by yourself.

Klevu is an intelligent site search solution designed to help eCommerce businesses increase onsite sales and improve the customer online shopping experience. Klevu powers the search and navigation experience of thousands of mid-level and enterprise online retailers by leveraging advanced semantic search, natural language processing, merchandising and multi-lingual capabilities, ensuring visitors to your site find exactly what they are looking for regardless of the device or query complexity.

Klinik AI was created to automate healthcare processes all the way from screening, to cataloguing symptoms, and directing patients to an appropriate clinical pathway. Klinik provides state-of-the-art, intelligent digital solutions, rendering traditional approaches obsolete. The clinically proven Klinik AI integrates numerous medical databases with real medical cases and studies to make it unique and highly accurate.

Koho ERP covers company's vital needs for business management such as project management, time tracking, resource planning, invoicing, CRM and reporting. Koho is a cloud-based service for management and expert companies.

Kronometrix is an easy-to-use, real-time distributed data fabric for Industrial IoT, ICT, weather and environment. It provides all the necessary functionalities in a simple package: consistent data recording across several operating systems, instant access to raw data, ready-made monitoring objects for various industries and applications, and in-cache data analysis on top of it’s own memory datastore.

Create, sign and archive your company’s most important documents and contracts, manage your board work, and collaborate with your accounting firm – automated and electronically.

Cryptographic key lifecycle management. LAAVAT provides key management solutions based on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). On-premises and cloud-based hardware security solutions guarantee high-quality keys and strong protection in use, transit and rest. Our offering emphasizes manageability, configurable authentication and authorization schemes as well as resilience. Our expertise in HSMs covers models from all major vendors.

LATO Leadership Automation Tools develops and markets LATO Strategy Tool, an innovative web and mobile tool for faster strategy execution. LATO brings your strategy from boardroom into action. Once you have defined your business plans, our software automates the cascading of goals and actions. It organizes transparent status reporting and follow-up routines saving time and effort. With the Mobile App you will have the latest data and update option always in your pocket. LATO Strategy Tool ensures that everybody in your team understands what is their role in strategy execution. Give wings and speed to your strategy. see less

The web-based automation platform keeps data about leads organised, and provides campaign management and reporting for coordinators. Every week, more than 6 million calls are made via LeadDesk.

Generate more leads by seeing which companies visit your site. Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.

Leadoo is a lead-driven marketing platform that lets you level up your marketing game and exceed sales results. Never miss a lead again.

LeanLab is a customer collaboration platform for customer centric innovators. From just one platform you can launch surveys, run discussions, one-to-one interviews, diaries, photos and much more in an engaging community style environment.

Seppo is a gamification platform with which it is extremely easy to create engaging educative mobile games

Liana Technologies is specialised in digital marketing and communication software. Liana’s marketing technology stack is used by more than 3,500 customers worldwide. Our mission is to provide all our customers with the best possible solutions for their digital marketing needs.

Salestrail is an app aimed towards boosting sales productivity. In brief, the solution consists of an app, which allows salespeople to log their calls, emails and meetings automatically to Salesforce. It also keeps track of active tasks, making sure our clients never miss a beat on their sales. Our app has been recognised to boost productivity and increase sales with multiple companies around the globe

We provide modern mobile solutions for service and construction companies. At the moment our products are Linkity - workhour reporting, Linkity - Dynamic procurement and CushyERP - solution.

LiquidBlox simplifies web design process and removes need for coding in making and updating websites and Shopify e-commerce sites

With Logentia’s system, you can optimize the management of your transportations. Each and every one of our customers has cut their costs ‒ join them. Logentia simplifies the planning, management and automation of the pricing of transportation services. All functions can be integrated into your online store or used as tools in sales.

LogiNets Oy provides digital software solutions for constructions site access control, work time monitoring, field force control and material management. The company offers user-friendly, simple and flexibly maintainable solutions to meet clients'​ needs. LogiNets has solid experience in producing web-based, mobile and RFID based software and services.

LokiTime is a SaaS for issuing and managing all keys and tags easily. Our software -LokiTime- is a cloud service for issuing and managing keys easily. It is suitable for all kinds of operators from property owners to security and public sector.

Loyalistic is The Complete Inbound Sales Desk. Use Loyalistic to attract new contacts and nurture the existing ones to discover strong and timely sales opportunities. Get a system that allows you to easily create and run your entire marketing operation like a pro (with just a few hours a month). Everything you need to go from scratch to looking like a professional (and getting the results) is built in and works together automatically, so you don’t need any special marketing or technology expertize.

Lumoa helps enterprises to take their customer experience into control. In many companies the customer experience is measured but results are not actionable. Lumoa’s online service helps companies to get fast customer insights across 60+ languages, and focus on improvements instead of data. Our online service uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) or other customer experience metric scores, text feedback and customer specific background information as a basis for analysis.

Customer Acquisition and Customer Relationship Management Solutions ideal for growth-seeking B2B companies looking to boost sales with 3rd millennium customer acquisition and customer relationship management tools.

The goal of our company is to help consumers and corporates find the best service providers, individually for their needs. By doing this we also help the service providers, such as banks and other companies, get more customers, so they can thrive in their own businesses and grow. The service providers integrate to our technology platform through APIs. We have created an artificial intelligence to help us with matching the right service provider with the right customer, so that we're able to make our customers’ lives easier. Our artificial intelligence IRMELI (Intelligent Robot Methodically Evaluating Loan Inputs) collects and then processes an unbelievable amount of data to help our customers individually find the best solutions for their problems. Our goal is to make brokering services as easy as they can be, while still getting the best possible results.

Lyyti is a powerful tool for event management, event marketing and measuring the success of an event. On top of that, we offer comprehensive coaching for organisations that want to broaden their perspectives on meaningful encounters and how to turn them into measurable profit.

Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. M-Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file sharing services, ECM systems, CRM, ERP and other business systems and repositories

Welcome to the Internet of Packaging (IoP). Magic Add makes smart packaging possible at high volumes without the high unit cost. Magic Add uses unique product identifiers and intelligent back-end solutions to manage FMCG products along the entire supply chain.

The Manu Online ERP system is unique that it focuses on getting your business processes automated. This saves significantly on administrative work and more importantly improves the throughput times and accuracy of your customer deliveries. We provide cloud ERP for manufacturing.

Our mission is to combine technology and human interaction in the best possible way. And we have created a solution - static maps transformed into interactive business tools. Our instantly deployed cloud service delivers maps enriched with business’ critical data beautifully visualized. With Maplet, our customers can make better business decisions, coordinate their activities, boost their sales and communicate with their customers.

Mapos software gives a real-time view into a distribution network how the presentations and promotions of the products and campaigns are made. This gives e.g. an opportunity for sales and marketing director to react quickly if some fault or shortcoming is spotted and constraining the development of sales.

Gain insight into all trips made with your vessels. Record accurate information of engine usage. With this information it is possible to decrease fuel consumption, drive more efficiently and prevent unnecessary trips. Marfle collects and records vessel usage with datacollectors installed onboard. Vessel usage is then analyzed and presented in a easy to use web application.

EMMI is a versatile environmental monitoring browser based application. It enables real-time monitoring of measurement data from separate measurement points. EMMI features advanced API interfaces. EMMI acquires data wireless, using GPRS-,GSM- and LoRa-protocols from data loggers which can coupled with physical, biological and chemical sensors.

We deliver IP based platform solutions for OTT Service Providers and Travel and Leisure sector around the globe. Maxicaster is commercially tested in many markets and a fully hosted and operated end-to-end IPTV and Multiscreen solution. Maxicaster IPTV can be up and running in even 6 weeks.

Maxtech provides ERP and work management systems. Solutions are designed for both mobile and static workforces. The service is a versatile solution for many types of businesses – it enables real-time work, employee, and fleet management. Software packages include tailored work management solutions for a variety of industries, such as Cleaning, Property maintenance, and Construction.

Media Pocket is a smart cloud-based media management platform (DAM). We provide a modern, easy-to-use interface with great functionality. Media Pocket allows you to centralize your assets to one platfrom, from which they are easily organized, shared & collaborated within different parties and effectively searched utilizing tags & image recognition AI.

The all-in-one telehealth solution for your communication and remote care needs: video appointment, chat, secure messaging, health questionnaires and advanced tools for remote monitoring and follow-up. With automated screening, Medixine Suite will help you to discover patients and customers who need attention. combines efficient scheduling linked with online calendars and address books, a dedicated meeting space for material sharing and preparation, automated notifications with links to materials, and persistent storage for follow-up collaboration, available fron any device. As a result, meetings become documented parts of a longer-term process instead of isolated events. All this for free, while meeting organizers enjoy increased productivity, decreased need to worry, and more professional appearance. combines efficient scheduling linked with online calendars and address books, a dedicated meeting space for material sharing and preparation, automated notifications with links to materials, and persistent storage for follow-up collaboration, available fron any device. As a result, meetings become documented parts of a longer-term process instead of isolated events. All this for free, while meeting organizers enjoy increased productivity, decreased need to worry, and more professional appearance.

Even the greatest clinical quality does not automatically transform into good processes. Poorly designed systems and IT consume too much time on error management. Megical solves this by combining intelligent checklists, integrated reporting and real-time analytics to an easy-to-use platform. It is personalized and designed with your staff to support continuous improvement and strategic leadership. Megical is a strong combination from four different domains. The company has roots in aviation industry which gives fundamental understanding of safety systems design. Our other key expertise areas are service design, information analysis and high-tech security.

Members can pay their membership bills with Membook and all payments are checked automatically. We have partnered commercially and have integrated with Accountor Finago’s accounting software Procountor. An active integration is also done with the event management software Lyyti. More partnerships and integrations are on their way.

Midaxo is an end-to-end M&A software platform that supports all deal stages and helps teams work better together. Cloud-Based Platform, centralize all work — project plans, documents, communications, and issues — and create one source of truth. Work collaboratively and securely with in-house and external teams.

Mindfindr is an assessment service solution aimed to support organizations when administering and implementing suitability assessments. The service offers various options for arranging assessment data collection processes. The Mindfindr test presents the participant 120 assessment items used to produce a participant profile serving various HR functions A Mindfindr profile covers descriptions of the personality, competences, leadership potential, leadership type, leadership style, work style, team roles and team work style of the assessed as well as an occupation and position specific list of his or her suitability for different positions.

Miradore's cloud-based MDM/UEM platform provides a smarter way to securely manage Android, iOS, macOS & Windows devices. With Miradore, you can stay up to date with your device fleet, automate device management across multiple operating systems, distribute business-critical apps, and secure your company data.

Wellmo makes it easy to build a personalized service set, keep it fresh and effectively reach your customers with a tailorable mobile app. Integrates seamlessly your own and your partners’ services. Sell your services through your own branded app. Run programs to promote healthy behaviour. Understand your members’ health behaviour and usage. Continuously improve your services based on real data

With Roima’s solutions, companies develop their product management, enterprise resource planning, operations management, machine vision, warehouse management and logistics. RoimaCloud is a scalable solution for enhancing your international operations with advanced cloud service applications. Provides tools for effective collaboration and transparency across complex supply chain and logistics networks world-wide. RoimaCloud is designed to fulfill growing needs with advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities.

Complete Human Resource Management cloud service for humanitarians with specific features to mobilize your top people to disaster areas, development projects or crisis zones. RPM is a cloud based HR Master software that enables fast deployments, cost efficient operations and higher impact of humanitarian workers. In the future, we will also offer RPM to other sectors.

Platform for Mobility Analysis. Smart Mobility is achieved by connecting people and smart vehicles with the smart city and gathering and analyzing their data to fuel services.

MORS is a complete Asset Liability (ALM), Liquidity Risk and Treasury Management solution for banks. MORS solution is based on intelligent and powerful in-memory analytics, offering real-time analysis and reporting throughout the entire bank, integrating both treasury and banking book sides of the bank. Financial institutions use MORS solution for monitoring, managing and optimising their performance within internal and external constraints.

MOST Digital Ltd automates and digitalizes knowledge work. Our services focus on streamlining the processes and operating business models, the development of ICT solutions and the digitization and robotization of business operations. The idea and core of our service is to find the optimal solution for business processes and software solutions. We are a pioneer in the robotic process assessments and analysis as well as deploying successfully the benefits and change required by robotics to the business.

Movendos enables healthcare customers to get right care at the right time and healthcare professionals to do their work well, being it traditional reactive sick care or emerging preventive care. Our key technology product Movendos Health Platform is a flexible cloud service for health service providers to digitalize all their customer facing services and streamline access to care. With our platform, health service providers of any size can quickly and cost-effectively deploy complete digital services portal to evaluate customer needs, guide customers to right care and serve customers online.

Our main product is Shield Backup, which is a technically advanced online backup application built for PC, Mac, Office 365 and G-Suite. Nexetic's main headquarters are located in Helsinki, Espoo, Finland. We provide our backup solutions on an international scale with Partners, Managed Service Providers (MSP).

Ninchat is a cloud based communication service for businesses. It can be used for team communication, customer communication or live group discussions. Tailored according to customer look & feel. Includes: Text chat / Files / Video chat / Bots & AI connectivity. Web & Mobile & SDK for native mobile apps.

We provide our customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kind of solutions can be built around this technology. Combining our unique technology with your expertise, we can create life-changing solutions together to fit your positioning needs.

Sizey Recommendation service helps on-line fashion retailers to reduce product returns and sell in more sustainable way. Order size recommendation service based on accurate body measures for your online customers. All plans include Sizey digital body measuring service free of charge and personal api-key for your company.

Our customer companies saves valuable time for the employees. Smart Inbound reporting and analysis, the company management will know the level of customer service and also the customers satisfaction increases significantly with enhanced customer service. Increased customers satisfaction means sales revenues growth. THE SMART INBOUND SOLUTION is the most advanced, unique and easy-to-use, multi channel inbound communications reachability & call management solution.

Developed with busy ecommerce professionals and ease of use in mind, Nosto is the most effective way to build and launch personalized marketing campaigns without the need for dedicated IT resources. Nosto ensures that your rich data isn't being locked away in silos, but can be accessed and utilized efficiently through one complete personalization solution. Leverage the power of AI and machine learning algorithms built solely for optimizing digital commerce to increase customer lifetime value while lowering acquisition cost.

NurseBuddy is a home care management software that provides more time for care, people and well-being. NurseBuddy is a domiciliary care management and communication software for all stakeholders in the Home Care loop: families, clients, care providers, public nurses and carers. Our mission is to bring real-time, transparent communication for all the people concerned. Real-time overview for domiciliary care company managers. Coordinating the care has never been this easy before! Carers always have up-to-date information about their clients and can focus on providing the best possible care.

Oppex It provides companies with comprehensive data that allows them to find new sales in the public sector. They can access relevant public tenders and bidding contests, with currently 150,000 live opportunities in more than 200 industries.

Software for mobile device trade-in, repair and recycling. Piceasoft is here to simplify your mobile life. Piceasoft solutions create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient service to mobile operators and retail chains. Our innovative products are disrupting mobile device buyback, repair and recycling business. Our software products are easy to use and offer added value to the end user, which means better ROI and user satisfaction. In short, we promise to Simplify Your Mobile Life.

We're a tech company with a passion for helping our customers adapt to the fast changing VUCA world (if you aren't familiar with the term, head to our blog to find out more). We're doing that by developing easy-to-use SaaS products that make gathering, managing, sharing and analysing field information as easy as possible for the end users.

A Plan Management Software that champions you and your team to execute your action plan and achieve your goals. Make Your Strategy a Reality.

Digital Twin platform

We combine all the existing location technologies (iBeacons, Wi-Fi, IndoorAtlas, cellular, GPS, custom IoT devices) under one user-friendly platform, making it possible to reach out to your clients wherever they are.

Puheet is your all-in-one online community platform

R8 Digital Operator takes your building’s technical management to the next generation by ensuring highest indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency with Artificial Intelligence on top of the existing automation system.

RecRight is an easy-to-use recruitment tool with videos at its core. We know, that it's hard to spot candidates'​ personality behind the application. Recorded video questions gives you possibility to access candidates on a whole different level. With RecRight you can publish open positions, manage the whole recruitment process and give personality to your company and to your candidates with videos and to collaborate with your colleagues easily.

Functional, performance and security SaaS testing tool for gRPC services

Salesframe’s Present module allows you to enable your sales teams with a tool that guides them through client meetings and helps them access relevant content when it’s needed most. Salesframe provides sales development, operations and marketing with tools that help them manage, distribute and develop content for salespeople in the field.

Valosan is a media relationship management tool that uses reputable, proven PR processes to connect marketing and comms professionals with journalists who value the stories they want to share.

School Day Wellbeing. School Day helps schools and districts to better understand how their students are feeling. We provide analytics and insights that deliver whole-school improvements in students' wellbeing, SEL skills, and learning outcomes.

Screenful is the easiest way to visualise and share your project progress using data from your existing tools. Save time and get all the metrics you need at a glance with visual dashboards, custom charts and scheduled reports all in one place.

Seidat is a slide deck platform for a successful sales flow. Create, edit, share, present, e-sign, analyse and manage your sales materials and proposals in one place. Integrate Seidat as part of your sales & marketing ecosystem and start closing more deals!

Showell is a user-friendly and powerful sales enablement platform for presenting and sharing your products and services in every meeting and interaction. It helps sales people to engage customers, save time, be more productive and well-prepared to deliver winning buyer experiences, every time. Showell is made for salespeople by salespeople.

Signing a piece of paper isn’t a guaranteed way of making an agreement. Scanning documents isn’t very “digital.” “Strong authentication” always costs money. And it’s not even necessary most of the time. Would you buy car insurance for your bike? SignHero is useful for many types of businesses: Real estate / Marketing / Sports clubs / Startups / NGOs / Law firms / Logistics / Storage / Event organisers

Silverbucket is a software for project resource management. With our user-friendly resourcing tool, you can make resource plans easily and get a "bird's eye view" of a company's resource allocations. You see conflicts, who is working on which project, the load and capacity level conveniently in one view. You'll no longer need to guess about the current or future situation which contributes to better project planning and execution of projects.

Reach and engage your entire workforce. The employee communications platform that delivers timely and targeted information to each employee across a variety of channels. They can then measure and analyze the impact of their sharing. Smarp has been used by leading companies such as Unilever, KPMG, Nissan, and Deloitte. gives businesses the necessary tools to automate and optimize their social media advertising efforts. With the help of’s optimization, retargeting, and prospecting features, brands can easily grow their audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Sparkwork is a knowledge-sharing and online training platform for remote companies. It enables seamless communication for dispersed teams that helps managers and leaders create consistency and increase productivity in their companies. Sparkwork is the platform of choice for companies like Oriflame, Inhouse Group, and Fysios.

3D Design automation for Orthotics and Prosthetics. iPad 3D scan app with integrated platform to automatically generate 3D models for manufacturing.

Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based communication & matching technologies and advanced automation. Employer Branding: Send AI-assisted personalized status updates and feedback messages to all your job candidates. Boost your candidate experience and employer brand. Workflow Automation: Decrease your costs and time-to-hire. Collaborate easily and automate manual tasks, such as interview scheduling and GDPR requirements. More Relevant Applicants: Attract talent with appealing careers pages. Let AI make applying effortless and match candidates to positions. Make data-driven decisions with real-time metrics

We provide insights into the narrative around your brand in Tiktok and other short video social media platforms.

TP FONS is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) service optimized for charities and non-profit organisations with focus on fundraising and volunteer management. TP FONS enables organisations to engage with their supporters, members and donors. Service automates donation - single and recurring - donation process from bank transfer/on-line/credit card payment to bookkeeping data. .

Tikean is a cutting edge data management platform, enabling data quality, data accessibility and control of your critical data assets. Tikean empowers You to make fast, clear and precise decisions for enhanced corporate performance.

Topaasia is a serious game for all dialogue and organizational development needs. Modern leadership is about teams and organizations developing themselves without external consultants and game sessions which help with self-direction do just that. Topaasia Basic for individual teams & facilitators for different workshop and dialogue needs. Topaasia Pro for large scale implementation like strategy.

TrademarkNow provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search results and risk assessment. At its core is a unique artificial intelligence model of trademark law based on both explicit and intricate domain models of the law. Created by experts in trademark law and linguistics, our cutting-edge system also utilizes state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques to produce models that seamlessly take real-world complexities into account. While the underlying intelligence is complex, the platform’s intuitive design and simple user interface make it very easy to use. The result: faster, smarter trademark search and analysis.

We are a B2B SaaS company and help our customers to improve their website conversions with customer feedback and experiences. We have hundreds of customers using the service and you can find some fresh customer cases from our blog ( ).

Helping people and businesses store and do more with their data, our software is at the core of phones, tablets, cars, TV sets, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spacecraft, IoT devices, and more. We help you store your data reliably, while making file transfers fast and content easily accessible. Tuxera is also an active member of multiple industry organizations, including JEDEC, AGL, SD Association, The Linux Foundation, and many others. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the US.

Connect all the dots with one powerful sales intelligence platform. Find your ideal customers, the right time to reach out, and pinpoint the right message—all natively in the tool you use daily. Sync - Company data always up to date

Valossa AI - Video analysis services and software for contextual video analysis applications, automating video promotions, content metadata and moderation, and brand safe video advertising.

Valotalive is the leading platform for Workplace Digital Signage. With Valotalive you can display relevant information on the selected screens locally or worldwide. Target content and reach the right audiences. Businesses across 50 countries trust Valotalive’s digital signage solutions to improve workplace communication and drive transparency.

Web and mobile solution for companies of 100+ employees to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection. VibeCatch enables the setting up of automated polls collecting relevant feedback from your employees. Our QWL method is the only scientifically validated method guaranteed to have an impact on employee engagement as well as your company's financial results.

Create an online store with a reliable partner. Vilkas offers both a versatile and easy-to-use webshop solution for online shopping. In addition, the merchant is supported by the professional support staff from Vilkas, from which we do not charge the merchant a separate fee. No hidden costs! More than 2000 customers in the Nordic countries rely on our service. We can promise a 100 % satisfaction w

Visuon solution is edtech online service for creating authentic visual 360-contents for trainings. It is photo-based 360VR CMS which realistic and real approach to the environments. The content can be used remotely using their smart phones or tablets. The real benefit is that the content is easy to produce.

VividWorks offers 3D product configuration and design for retailers and manufacturers. We provide instantly accessible tools, which enable visual customization of products as a part of the purchase experience.

FlowLMS is cloud based Learning Management System, which is at the same time super-easy to use but will provide a full set of functionalities. FlowLMS can be easily scaled from starter edition to global enterprise level deployments. It can also be fully customized to fulfill all your e-learning needs.

Zapflow is a power tool for VC/PE teams to manage deals & deal flow and easily collect data from their target companies. Designed by industry pros to save tons of time, offer 360 degrees visibility and provide insight to make better-informed decisions every day.

Data-driven actionable insights for everyone. Zoined provides an out-of-the-box reporting and analytics service for different roles from top management to individual employees on store or restaurant level. Access real-time insights from your business systems related to sales, inventory, visitors, and working hours.